Quality Policy

We are specialized in automation of machines, equipment and embedded systems.

Our mission is to fulfil our customers needs and assist our customers, in every single case, in selecting optimal solutions.

Our customers rely on their trust in us that we deliver just-in-time, with competitive pricing and the right quality.

This is achieved through...

  • ⇨ long-term relationships with our customers and manufacturing partners.
  • ⇨ proactive work to fulfil customer needs.
  • ⇨ complete fulfilment of agreements.
  • ⇨ an excellent service level.
  • ⇨ a professional and best-in-class level of competence in our field of operation.

We are continously improving our methods and routines to the benefit of our customers and manufacturing partners. Our ambition is also to have highly efficient communication internally as well as externally.

Quality Certificates

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and our quality system is covering our complete operation.