Linear Rotary Motors

Linear Rotary Motors

Series PR01 and PR02 LinMot Linear Rotary motors can be used to implement any combination of linear and rotary motions. As an innovative design element, the linear-rotary motors can be used to perform complex tasks, such as threading in, closure, transferring, stacking, aligning, and many others with just a single component.

LinMot PR01: Linear Rotary Motor


The LinMot Linear Rotary Motor is an actuator featuring two axes of movement in a single, compact housing. These axes can be controlled by two servo drives individually and independent of each other. Highly dynamic, freely programmable linear-rotary motion sequences, that can be either synchronous or completely independent of each other, can be implemented trough upper-level controller. Both the linear force (for example press force) or tightening torque can be specified arbitrarily and independently of each other at the same time.

  • Direct linear drive
  • Direct rotary drive
  • Independent linear and rotary motions
  • Integrated position sensors
  • Integrated temperature monitoring
  • Programmable motion a position profiles
  • Programmable press force
  • Programmable torque



INDEPENDENT LINEAR AND ROTATIVE MOTION: The Linear Rotary Motors are electromagnetic drive units providing decisive flexibility for demanding assignments of tasks. With Linear Rotary Motors is usual manufacturing, requiring linear-rotary motions such as cam plates, gear wheels or more complex mechanics, simplified. This movements are no longer linked trough an cam-shaft but can be independently programmed.

HIGH DYNAMIC: Movement speeds up to 3.9 m/s and rotation speeds up to 1500 rpm allows cyclic motion sequences with high dynamic. For handling applications with sensitive products can be realized soft and jerk-free movements with adjusted, freely programmable acceleration.

PROGRAMMABLE PRESS FORCE AND TORQUE: Since the Linear Rotary Motor is based on a continuous electrical drive concept, it is possible to adjust the press force, speed and torque at any moment. Operator has therefore full flexibility, for example, when different capping applications are coordinated with different products. Torque closure, angle closure, pressing or snap-on closure can be realized easily. The parameters of complex tasks can be monitored or changed continuously during the work process, or from product to product.

SIMPLEST REALIZATION OF CAPPING APPLICATIONS: Product can be easily changed with a mouse click. Furthermore, the cap position at the end of the capping process can be read out in order to detect misaligned seating. Operator continually recievs all important parameter feedbacks to reduce the proportion of disruption related downtimes.

PROCESS STABILITY: Since not only the end positions but also speed and acceleration are controlled and monitored, the once programmed motion sequences and processes are always carried out identically throughout the entire service life of the system. Deviations are detected immediately, so that production can be guaranteed in constant quality.

Series PR01 LinMot Linear Rotary Motors are availible in various sizes, that differs in the peak torque of the rotary motors and the forces and stroke lenghts of the linear motors. In addition to the standard version, the product family extends to include variants with hollow shafts (eg for pneumatic implementation or an ejector) as well as with stainless steel front flange and the rotary axis. A further extension of the family are the Linear Rotary Motors with gearbox, available with planetary gear units in three selectable gear ratios enabling higher torque requirements or movements for heavy weights or loads with high moment of inertia.


LinMot Linear Rotary Motors Family PR02-52

NEW - Linear Rotary Motors Family PR02-52: New design principle with shorter installation length and integrated magentic spring - "MagSpring" - optimal for vertical applications.

Max. Stroke up to 100 mm.


LinMot Linear Rotary Motors Family PR01-52

Linear Rotary Motors Family PR01-52: Compact motor types with a maximal torque of 255 N and a peak torque of 2.2 Nm.


LinMot Linear Rotary Motors Family PR01-84

Linear Rotary Motors Family PR01-84: Highest performance class of the Linear Rotary Motors. Linear part reaches a maximum 1024 N thrust force and strong rotary motor generates torques up to 8.9 Nm.


LinMot Linear Rotary Motors Steinless Steel Family PR01-84

Linear Rotary Motors Steinless Steel Family PR01-84: The front area of the high-performance INOX motors consists of a stainless steel flange and a stainless steel shaft. The remaining part of the unit can be shielded by a dividing plate and sealed by the integrated O-ring. Thus there is the possibility to clean the motor during operation. The material is characterized by its resistance against detergents.The stainless steel version of the PR01 motors can be optimally used in the food and chemical sector. Rotating shaft and front flange made of EN 1.4404 / AISI / SAE 316L stainless steel


LinMot Linear Rotary Motors Gearbox Family PR01-84

Linear Rotary Motors Gearbox Family PR01-84: Linear Rotary Motors for applications with increased torque requirements up to 89 Nm. The gearbox also allows precise and dynamic positioning, even for loads with high moment of inertia.



Motor Series PR02-52 PR01-52 PR01-84
Max. Stroke [mm] 100 150 300
Max. Velocity [m/s] 3.9 3.9 3.0
Repeatability [mm] ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05
Max. Torque [Nm] 2.2 2.2 8.9
Max. Speed [rpm] 1500 1500 1000
Integrated MagSpring Yes No No
Max. Size WxHxL [mm] 50 x 135 x 588 52 x 94.5 x 704 84 x 122 x 1222
Rod Diameter [mm] 12 16 20



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