Linear Motor - Integrated Drive

Linear Motor - Integrated Drive

The PD03 drive unit consists of a compact linear motor and an integrated drive.

LinMot PD03: Linear Motor - Integrated Drive


  • High-performance linear motor with integrated drive
  • Compact form factor
  • Highly dynamic
  • Suitable for daisy-chain linkages
  • Integrated mounting flange
  • Low cabling effort

This innovative concept will allow the controller to be eliminated from the electrical enclosure for linear direct drives, thus greatly reducing installation time and effort. In addition, this opens up the possibility to efficiently couple several devices in a daisy chain linkage. This new generation of motors can be used to implement modular machine concepts easily.



LinMot PD03

TUBULAR LINEAR MOTOR: Inside the PD03 is a series 37Sx120F-HP linear motor. This short style motor can produce a peak force 255 N and peak speed of 3.8 m/s. Together with the high-resolution slider program, the stroke range is up to 1480 mm.

Like all LinMot motors, this model can also be positioned freely and has high process stability and long service life, with no wear components.


LinMot PD03

INTEGRATED DRIVE: The drive supplies the motor with a peak phase current of up to 25 A and has an industrial Ethernet interface. EtherCAT, ProfiNet, Ethernet IP, Sercos III, and Powerlink are available. Device profiles CoE, CiA402, SoE, and PROFIdrive are also supported. The RS232 configuration interface and the DIP switch are installed behind a protective cover, which guarantees that leak tightness requirements are met. The complete motor with integrated drive thus meets protection class IP 65 to prevent dust and water spray infiltration.



Motor Series PD03
Max. Stroke [mm] ≤ 400
Max. Velocity [m/s] 3.8
Resolution [mm] 0.005
Repeatability [mm] ±0.05
Stator Size WxHxL [mm] 42 x 145 x 170
Slider Diameter [mm] 20
Slider Length [mm] 240 - 600



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