Linear Motor - Integrated Guide

Linear Motor - Integrated Guide

The P04 linear motor has all of the features of the tubular linear motors and has the additional advantage of an integrated guidance. Under the compact aluminum housing is a powerful LinMot PS01-37x120F or PS01-48x240F that drives the precision shaft on bearings. The shaft is guided by a linear ball bearing and has a maximum stroke of 150 mm. With the M10x1.25 thread on the front end, loads can be quickly and easily attached to the shaft. Additional installation options are provided by the profile grooves and T-slots found on every side of the housing.

LinMot P04: Linear Motor - Integrated Guide


The ability to move to any position and accelerate up to 50 m/s2 means that precision dynamic motions can be implemented for a broad range of applications.

  • Peak Force up to 570 N
  • Stroke up to 150 mm
  • Hardened rod capable to handle side load
  • Mounting connection according to ISO pneumatic cylinder
  • Stator encapsulated (IP65)
  • Ideal for use in harsh environments



Can be equipped with mechanical accessories for pneumatic systems. The P04 actuator can be equipped with familiar mechanical accessories for pneumatic systems. Several design details on the motor make this possible. The load end of rod has a thread that is identical to ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders. All mounting elements for pneumatics can be used accordingly. This particularly includes swivel heads and clevis mounts. The PD04 linear motor itself can be mounted like a pneumatic cylinder or by using the T-slots in the housing. All known pivoting and stationary mounting flanges can be used.



HARDENED SHAFT FOR TRANSVERSE LOADS: The integrated bearing of the PD04 linear motor provides a substantial benefit. The transverse loads that are applied in special applications can be supported.

Simple applications such as ejectors can be implemented in the simplest manner without additional components.



HIGH AND CONTROLLED DYNAMICS: Max. acceleration values over 50 m/s2 and travel speeds over 3 m/s allow cyclical motion sequences of several Hertz.

For handling applications with sensitive products, smooth motions with suitable accelerations can be obtained.



FREELY POSITIONABLE: LinMot linear motors can be freely positioned. With absolute or relative movement commands, they can move to any desired position in the stroke range. Since the LinMot linear drive is a closed-loop system, not only the end positions are monitored, but also deviations in position during travel. This allows, among other things, precise specification of travel speeds, acceleration and braking ramps, and travel through curved paths.



Motor Series P04-37 P04-48
Max. Stroke [mm] 80 / 135 100 / 150
Max. Velocity [m/s] 3.8 2.9
Resolution [mm] 0.005 0.007
Repeatability [mm] ±0.05 ±0.05
Stator Size WxHxL [mm] 42 x 82 x 327 / 402  54 x 110 x 455 / 535
Rod Diameter [mm] 16 20



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