Linear Motors

Linear Motors

Mode of Operation: LinMot linear motors are permanently actuated synchronous servo motors, with integrated position measurement and overload protection. Permanent magnets in the slider (like a rotor) and windings in the stator are used to generate forces, like in a brushless rotary motor. The configuration and different arrangement of the magnets generate the linear motion directly, using electromagnetic force, without mechanical elements that are subject to wear. The design of the linear motors makes them standard elements in the field of machine design, where they are commonly used to replace pneumatic drives and mechanical cam discs. The applications range from rapid positioning, lifting, and pushing motions, to synchronous pick and place applications, to complex palletizing gantry robots.

LinMot Design

Design: The windings, position sensors, temperature monitoring, and bearings are all located in the stator. It consists of a solid metal cylinder in which the motor components are cast, so that they are optimally protected from damage and contamination (IP67). The stators are available in two versions, with direct cable exit or a rotating angle connector. The slider consists of a stainless steel tube in which the drive magnets are mounted. During operation, the slider is guided by the plain bearing integrated in the stator. There is no electrical or mechanical connection between the slider and the stator.



LinMot offers a wide range of linear motor products. They can be used to implement nearly any application. It makes no difference what voltage range the motors are used in. Motors are available in 72 V, 230 VAC, or 3x400VAC technology. For greater dynamics, the customer can make use of high-performance motors that have different speeds than the standard motors. If the engineer needs a very compact drive or if difficult conditions apply, LinMot offers short motors and INOX and ATEX versions. The LinMot product range also includes the right components for replacing pneumatic systems. The P04 and PD04 drives are strong players here and provide a true alternative to pneumatic cylinders.


LinMot Standard Motors

Standard Motors P01 / P02: The standard variant of the linear motors covers a wide range of applications. The compact motors are used to carry out a wide range of positioning tasks in the low voltage range. This motor family includes 7 sizes with a maximum stroke length of 1830 mm and a maximum force of 1024 N.


LinMot High Performace Motors

HP Motors P01: The High Performance linear motors have significantly more power than standard motors of the same size and dimensions. This is due to the further development of the motor winding, the magnetic circuit and the use of high performance materials. With High Performance motors, the user has nearly double the available power.


LinMot Short Motors

Short Type Motors P01 / P02: This motor type is the shortest design of the LinMot linear motors. They were developed especially for applications with limited space conditions. In order to provide designers with the maximum of space for cabelling, the motors are supplied with three covers (cable outlet left, right or front).


LinMot P10 Series  Motors

P10 Motors: The P10 series motors are LinMot's most powerful drives. This motor type contains 2 motor families, which are characterized by a 3-phase technology. They are controlled by Servo Drives with direct power supply. Compared to the P01 series, the motors offer more than the 3 times peak power. By providing encoders which supply the usual signals, they can also be controlled by drives from third-party manufacturers.


Motor Series P01-23 P01-37 P01-48 P10-54 P10-70
Max. Stroke [mm] ≤ 780 ≤ 1480 ≤ 1830 ≤ 1720 ≤ 1770
Max. Velocity [m/s] 7.3 4.9 2.9 9.5 6.1
Resolution [mm]* 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.001
Repeatability [mm] ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05
Short version Yes Yes No No No
Stainless version No Yes Yes No No
ATEX version No No Yes No No
Stator Diameter [mm] 23 37 48 54 70
Slider Diameter [mm] 12 20 28 28 28
Slider Length [mm] 130 - 850 160 - 1600 350 - 2000 350 - 2000 290 - 1990
Drives B1100, C1100, C1200, E1200 C1400, E1400

* With external scale.



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