Modular CODESYS PLC with EtherCAT-I/O-System.

The flexible and open EC1000 control system benefits all users with modular automation architecture. Whether machine and plant construction, or building or industrial automation - up to industrial services. All possibilities are open with the combination of CODESYS PLC, EtherCAT, Ethernet, CAN Bus, visualization, data logging to a compact, multifunctional and expandable mini-control unit that takes up little space. This allows sub-units, such as machines or modules, to not only be independently automated, but also to be clearly programmed and put into operation.

The trend towards easy wiring in a line topology has also been considered. On the one hand EtherCAT is easy to wire, but the connection to control systems and the integration into the machine and factory network has also been planned - overall a cost-saving system topology.



  • 1x EtherCAT master interface (for expansion modules)
  • 1x Ethernet 10/100 Base T Interface
  • 1x USB Host Interface
  • 1x CAN-/CANopen-Master Interface
  • 1x serial interface RS232
  • 1x SD-Card Slot
  • Real-time clock
  • EC-COM interface CAN Bus, RS232 or RS485


Description EC1000 EC2000
Art.No. 204900100 204900800
Programming tool CODESYS V3.5 or above
Certification CE in compliance with product norm EN 61131-2/cUL (UL 508)
Connector plug 3-pole feed (art. no. 204801900), 10-pole communication (art no. 204802100)
Dimensions/Mounting 25 x 120 x 90 (WxHxD [mm])/approx. 150g/mounting rail NS 35/7,5 EN 50022
CPU Freescale PowerPC, CPU 400 MHz Freescale ARM, CPU 800 MHz
Flash memory 40 MB
RAM memory 128 MB onboard/max. 96 MB for application
Retain memory 24 kB



Title Art.No. Size
EC1000 204900100 3,4 MB
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